TS Reviews

Some choice reviews from Goodreads:

Justine Dee‘s review:

I fell in love with some of the characters, I yelled at the book when a scene made me get all teary eyed, I yelled at characters for not doing what I wanted and once for doing something I knew they were going to do, that they had to do, but that I still didn’t want them to do. I started shipping characters together….nothing says I like a show/movie/book like me starting to put characters into relationships that I believe they belong in (Especially considering this is very much not about romance). Of course I am not giving ANY plot away in this review, just all my reactions.

I giggled to find a character name that we use, but as a boy not a sassy little minxy sister as it is in our book. I crowed like a lost boy when I got it right just who I thought a certain character really was. And as I said, I cried and told the book off, I grinned and frowned and got attached to the characters.

Now I’m not a huge Sci-Fi kind of reader, especially these last, maybe twelve years or so. But I really enjoyed this book, and I want more. There are a few things that I’m still a tilting my head about but I’m sure they will be addressed in future work, but nothing that would make me not suggest this to friends who enjoy this kind of story.

Patti Wicksteed‘s review:

Time Speaker is a ‘rattling good yarn’ as my family describe books. It is difficult to pigeonhole as it has SciFi and SciFan aspects, but they are not obtrusive so it is a good novel as well.
It is very easy to be captured by Time Speaker. Very quickly – similarly to Avatar, I think – the concept that this is an alien world and therefore the ‘people’ are aliens fades in to the background because it is a gripping story. I’m not a bookworm, I’m a book anaconda, so I scan read it pretty well in one sitting (I can do that with something that has me by the short and curlies). I will be going back to it again and again because of the interesting plot and the by-play between the characters. It has aspects of whodunnit (doing it, did it) which tantalise wonderfully.
It is a first book. The pacing is not completely homogenous and there are a few typos and vocabulary glitches that have not yet been caught – there may be another edit/proofreading done – but the story is SOOOOOO good that you keep going because it has truly caught you.
It is the first of a series. Read it – and then get the second book, Rise of Hawk. Then, like me, you’ll be waiting (but please don’t nag the author) for the next one!

Note: That Time Speaker used to be the first book in the series, and it was even the first published in the first editions, but I decided (after feedback) that the story is better if Rise of Hawk goes first. Sorry for the confusion.