ARC: Aramaan Rebel Chronicles

ARC: A novella series

ARC has been a pet project of mine for a long time. There are many side stories in TSU that simply beg to be written and ARC is a side story which was originally plotted to be in an episodic/long form TV series format. ARC became the plotting hobby that entertained me when I was too sick to write. In 2020 I decided that instead of preparing for a TV series “some day in the future”, I’d slowly start to write novellas of each plotted episode, what follows is the current progress.

In the early years of the Agency (90-70 years before the current day in the main series) three major rebellions rose up in three cities, Araam, Aramaan and Marakan. ARC is the story of surviving descendants of the original Aramaan Rebellion at the time of the main series. It starts when Tiras Malar escapes the Agency live on multiple civilian news channels…