Time Speaker Series

I published Time Speaker and Rise of Hawk under my old name, I hope to publish a second edition of each book with the new author name and the androgyne personal pronouns included… and hopefully, with somewhat better editing. Until I have the actual cover images, proper review links and the link for you to buy a copy, I shall show you the links for the old copies. You cannot buy a copy of the first editions any more, however if you wish to bribe me for one of the last of my stock from the stalls, and risk our fairly expensive and mildly dodgy international postal service, I can be convinced. Email me, the address should be on the main page.

The Time Speaker series is currently plotted at twelve books, and I’ve just started writing book six. So far we have:

01 Rise of Hawk
02 Time Speaker
03 Banshii Haven (Parts 1, 2, and 3)
04 Trina Guard
05 Chaos Gate
06 Beyond the Gate

Once I sort out all of the transition-related complications, technical issues, and the second editions of the first two books, I’m hoping to publish at least one book a year. For example Trina Guard and Chaos Gate really need to be published close together, and Banshii Haven is the size of three books, so the publication of that might be non-standard. There is also another book which is the history for the books, how the Agency was born, how the original Rebels formed, and other background-like stories, but it’s likely this won’t be available for public consumption for a while, as I’m re-writing the old book as Patreon content.

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