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I hate writing these things, it always feels so false. One cannot describe in 600 words or less one’s identity and/or history. But in the interests of people’s potential curiosity, I’ll attempt to do it justice.

I am tangata whenua. What this means in captain-dummy-talk, is that I have a blood connection to the native peoples of New Zealand. My mother’s father came from a place called Parihaka. (Here’s the wiki). Despite the agony of what happened there over a hundred years ago, it gives me strength and hope to come from such a place. They showed that violence wasn’t the only response to a racist, colonial government… to oppression, and that methods of peaceful resistance can work against oppression.

And that’s my goal: to be one of many voices to rise up against oppression. Only my method is to create a new way of thinking, not necessarily to fight the old directly. And, I wish to create a fictional world/universe that can be a refuge for those of use who are victims of oppression. I started telling myself stories in order to survive abuse as a small person, and bullying as a teenage person. The universe I have created and am continuing to create, began with being a refuge from harm, and seeing as it kept me alive through a mostly terrible childhood and adolescence (and adulthood), my greatest hope is for it to reach across the world and be there for other fellow “freaks”.

When I think about who I am in my deepest core, I am three things, I am Tangata Whenua (I belong to the land here), I am the author of TSU, and I wish to peacefully fight against oppression.