Time Speaker Rewrite vlog

Book 2: Time Speaker

The first edition of Time Speaker was released in 2012 and was technically the first book written and published of the series. Rise of Hawk was released a year later, originally as a prequal. After a number of years with severe health difficulties, Rise of Hawk second edition was released in ebook format in 2019, but Time Speaker was in serious need of restructuring and a prohibitive amount of editing, so the decision was made in 2020 to rewrite the book from scratch (for a sixth time).

My health has continued to be problematic, slowing down the process rewriting considerably, but in an effort to make myself accountable for completing the rewrite, I published a vlog to the old Patreon account on the progress of this rewrite. What follows is the vlog so far, and copies of both the newest version of the first edition, as well as the most up to date first draft of the second edition. Enjoy!

The vlog youtube list: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpadSkHDZ0MKsP0bFU24B9z8yYq5VuUON

First Edition Time Speaker:

2nd Edition Time Speaker so far: